Saturday, December 23, 2006

Goodbye Nanning...hello Guangzhou!

We left the province that Esther was born in. I have to admit it made me sad, though I can't explain it very well. I guess it's because her birth parents will never know what a sweet angel they gave birth to. She was a champ during her first plane ride; it was only an hour long but hopefully she'll travel just as well in about a week. We are now in Guangzhou to finalize the U.S. part of Esther's adoption. We are living like kings here (or should I say emperors)! Each family has their own apartment which are huge! Ours has a kitchen, living room, dining room, foyer, bedroom and bath. Some even have washer and dryers, which the families have generously said we could use.
There's Gene and Esther sharing a good joke while waiting for the flight to Guangzhou.

It seems like everyone in Nanning travels by scooter or motorbike or bicycle and they are all fearless.

This is the outside of the medical facility in Guangzhou where all the babies had to have their exams. Each kid had to get their ears, nose, throat checked out, had to be weighed and then examined while naked.

Dad and Esther are waiting for their turn. Esther did great, no crying at all. She now weighs 19.6 lbs and her ears, nose and throat are fine. She decided to wait until completely naked to go pee all over Gene's arm and the exam table (better Gene than me) and seemed pretty happy with herself. Apparently what we thought was a pimple on her nose is a boil, which we have to put antibiotics cream on (luckly our pediatrician had prescribed some just in cause).

Here's Dad and our little Pan Pan enjoying a great Japanese dinner. Yummy!

Watch out! Here she comes!

She loves to eat all our electronics. Tasty! And there is a pretty good shot of her boil.

There's me and my girl enjoying "our" living room.


Heidi said...

Happy Christmas Eve, only 5 more days until we all meet little Miss Pan Pan. (Your cat's are fine)
Love ya,

Neil said...

We really enjoy your joy. It's amazing to think you are on the other side of the world and we can see and talk to you so easily. Esther shows good taste in who she pees on. It couldn't have happened to a better candidate. Love,

Grannylyn said...

Hey, this is Michelle Greer's Mom in Georgia. I haven't heard from them in 3 days....if you know if they're OK, please email me at:
(They have Yazi & Spencer)

Lynda Hood