Sunday, December 17, 2006

Day one in Beijing...

Tiananmen Square took my breath away... due to the 40 mile/hour wind. It was surreal to be standing in the middle of it.

The Forbidden City was gigantic. I can't imagine being Emperor and not ever being able to leave.

The rocks in the Imperial Garden (Forbidden City).

The frozen Kunming Lake in the Summer Palace area. (See, it is really cold here!) This lake was man-made.

Summer Palace

Summer Palace

We got to see how they make silk, or rather how they "harvest" silk from the silk worm. We even got a souvenir cocoon (with a dried up worm inside)!

Here they are showing us how they make silk comforters. It takes lots of layers and four people to stretch out the "wad" of silk. (Yes, we bought one.)

Here we are at the Peking Duck dinner. There's the Wagners and the Greers.