Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Day two with Esther

Here's Sleeping Beauty...sleeping. As you can see she likes to suck two of her fingers. She is a great sleeper. She went to be at 10:30 pm and woke up at 7 am (we had to actually wake her because we had to go to the Civil Affairs appointment.)

Here's Daddy and Esther. You'll probably see lots of pictures with Dad and Esther because Mom likes to be in control of the camera; Gene is in charge of the video camera.

Here's Gene in his blanket dress, it's very stylish! We're waiting to go into our interview with the Civil Affairs Officer. She asked us if we wanted to keep Esther, and promise to treat her as our own, and that we wouldn't abandon her. (There's Jeremy Wagner, too, not wearing a dress. )

Here we are with the director of Esther's orphanage after she is officially ours. We were able to ask one of the orphanage staff some questions, which at the time we couldn't think of many. But they did call her Pan Pan, and she likes her formula pretty warm(which Gene figured out).

Her first bath, she loves it!! So far we have been very blessed, she is a very easy-going & loves people. She has already got us wrapped around her little finger.


Mom said...

I love this. This blog is the next best thing to being there. I think God knew Esther was just the perfect baby for you.

Love, Mom

Kristina said...

I am a little confused. Did you bring the duck with you to China? Do you have her now in your hotel? She is with you now forever or you have to wait for more papers? Love the pics, by the way, still undecided on the blanket dress. Did you get your luggage? Keep up the updates. Loving them.

Dad said...

These are great pictures. I really love seeing the three of you! My favorite is Esther smiling at Gene from the sling.

Love, Dad

Anonymous said...

The three of you look perfect!!!
Wondering where the duck came from too?? It looks like fun.love the pictures keep them coming!!!
hugs n.b.