Sunday, December 17, 2006

day two

This is Sherry, our guide...she completly rocked. Just thought you should know.

This little girl is Gracie, she's soooo freaking adorable. When we were outside on our little treks she had this ski mask, in all of the group photos, she's all mysterious and stuff. And she jumps really high.

This is me at the jade store, where we got Esther a jade dog pendant and a really nice jade bracelett for the wife to hand down to her sometime...we still haven't figured out if we'll do it on her 16th birthday or her wedding or what, but she'll get it someday. yay.

and here is the great wall...huge freaking steps. jelly legs, and a certificate that states something like you're not a man until you go to the great apparently i'm a man now...good thing too, as i'm going to be a father tomorrow afternoon.

here's the cute couple about to make the small but ardjous trip up the wall.

Here we are on our way up...

..and here we are on our way down...we didn't go that far, just up high enough to become a man, of us will write tomorrow...with pictures and everything...g'night.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how Blogs from China or anywhere else work but I am sure glad they do. It is really fun keeping up with your adventures.

Looks like the warm clothes, if not the sleep, caught up with you. Gene looks a bit tired.

I am ever so glad to hear he is now a man. What makes a woman in China?

Have a good trip today. I know you will take lots of pictures of Ester. Amazing isn't it. Suzi

Heidi said...

Fabulous pictures guys, you're actually in China! Did you get your luggage?
Can't wait til tommorrow!

Love ya,

Dad said...

You picked a fine time to be out of Seattle --- everybody is without electricity there. I enjoy keeping up with you and am looking forward to tomorrow's addition. Is Heidi babysitting all the cats. Poor cats. Everything peaceful here.

Mom said...

Yeah - you have luggage! Great pix.
Can't wait to see our girl with her Mommy and Daddy! Mom

Anonymous said...

It's about 2:30pm on Monday China time and I figure you are now parents. Congratuations! Suzi