Tuesday, December 26, 2006

She's ours in the eyes of China and the USA now...

...and our eyes of course. We went to the U.S. Consulate and took an oath stating that all our paperwork was true and valid, we all said "I do" and that was it. Esther now has a visa to get into the U.S. She is still considered a Chinese citizen so she has a Chinese passport. But as soon as we touch U.S. soil she's a U.S. citizen. I was trying to post pictures to Blogger but it's not working for me so I'll just write a note.
Tomorrow is our last full day in China, it's a little bittersweet. China has been wonderful and very easy to get around in (due to our excellent guides). I'm not looking forward to the plane ride home, but can't wait to sleep in our own (soft) bed. Esther is such a good sleeper, I hope we don't screw up her schedule too much with the time change.
Today, the Wagners and the Blakefields headed to the huge park really close to our hotel. Esther and Meilyn both love the outdoors, lots to see and touch. In our wanderings we came across an amusment park so we took the girls on the carousel. Esther did her trademark stare, which means she's taking everything in.
I don't think Esther was feeling her best today, because she kept throwing up her formula and was a little irritable. She is sleeping now, and Gene keeps checking on her using the nightvision on our video camera to make sure she hasn't puked on herself. So far, so good.


Heidi said...

I hope she feels better and we'll see you guys soon!
Love always,

Neil said...

I am officially a grandfather again. It feels good. Looking forward to seeing you at home. Love.

Marilyn said...

Safe journey - I am so counting the minutes. Hope little one feels better soon. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey Gene,
The night vision camera spying device will really tick her off when she's 15...but it will probably guarantee there won't be a 2nd date! Remember 32 oz. formula or less per feeding...that's the sage parenting advice from the oldies! Much love to little Pan Pan and her mom and dad. So glad we could take this journey together...Can Allie Skype you next week when she's bored??? The Pannells