Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ni Hao from Beijing!!!

Things Gene and I have learned so far:
1. Being delayed in Seattle 2 hours due to weather and missing your international flight sucks, because it means 12 hours will be added to your travel time.
2. Being re-routed to Los Angeles from San Francisco then on to Beijing results in lost luggage.
3. Ambien helps you sleep on a plane so that you're able to check in at your hotel 12 hours later than planned at 7:45 am and then go on an all day tour around Beijing without falling asleep once or biting anyone's head off.
4. Beijing is very, very cold...especially when most of your warm gear is in your lost luggage!
5. Knowing 3 or 4 words of Chinese doesn't get you far.
6. Shopping at the Beijing "Walmart" is frustrating because no one can understand you and miming only works 25% of the time.
7. Sherry is a wonderful guide. James is a fearless driver.
8. It's hard to write an interesting blog post when you've had 7 hours sleep in 48 hours.
9. If your lost luggage doesn't show up you may not be able post much more due to not having a power adapter.


Anonymous said...

I've been checking for comments since Fraiday morning. Now I know why you didn't post earlier.

We were happy to think you got out before the big storm hit Seattle on Friday. The news says 900,000 people are without power.

I hope the luggage has gotten to you now and you are snoozing peacefully. Suzi

Mom said...

WE were wondering how your trip was. It will make the story more interesting when you tell Esther how she got here?

Love you three,

Heidi said...

Wow - you guys have already been through alot! I'm so proud of you for not biting any ones head off (especially Gene's), lack of sleep is no fun! I hope you have had a chance to rest. And damn it, your adapter had better get to you, cuz I wanna know more.
Love ya,