Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Christmas Eve!

Today we headed out to the Guangdong Folk Arts Museum. It housed one of the richest families in Guangzhou back 450 years ago. We had lots of people coming up to us to see Esther. I got a thumbs up from an older gentleman and two men wanted to have their picture taken with us. The local people have been amazingly friendly and supportive. Gene even played a little "hacky sack" (but with what looked like a badminton shuttlecock) with a couple.

After the Museum we went to a tea house where they showed us the proper way to make different teas and we got to taste a few of them. We decided oolong tea tastes like asparagus water. Our favorite was the rose and jasmine teas. A gentleman also showed us the difference between a good teapot and a bad one. Don't worry, I bought one so I can teach you also.

Tonight being Christmas Eve, all the families in our group had a get-together where we listened to the Christmas story and sang Christmas carols. Here are some of the girls enjoying some playtime. Esther is on the left, Yazi is in the middle and Stella is on the right.


Heidi said...

Merry Christmas!

Neil said...

I just can't wait for a proper tea ceremony. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

The girls look to be about the same size. Are they about the same age? I'd have liked a picture of all the proud parents watching their daughter and sure she was the smartest and cutest of the group.

We've been showing off Esther's pictureS every chance we get.

Marilyn said...

Well, I think I've shown the pictures to everyone at the hospital, but I think I'll put one in the hospital newspaper, in case I've missed someone. I can't wait to meet this little gal that has her Mom and Dad smiling from ear to ear. Merry Christmas!!
Love, Mom